8 March 2017

New Westcombe cheese alert!

We're so excited to introduce a new cheese to our stall for you to try.  Today on our 'cheese run' we visited Westcombe Dairy in East Somerset to pick up some of their rather lovely cheddar, their tasting notes describe it as:

a deep complex flavour with a mellow lactic tang and long notes of citrus, hazelnut and caramel. The texture is structured and firm, with a smooth breakdown that keeps the flavours lingering on your palate. This cheese is often called a 'five mile Cheddar', as you’re still tasting it five miles down the road!

As if your mouth wasn't already watering you might also like to know that unpasteurised milk from their own herd of Holstein Friesian cows is used to create their cheese which is matured for up to 18months. We'd love you to come and try this beautiful cheese and tell us what you think so come and find us at Whiteladies Road market this Saturday where you'll see it proudly displayed (and me grinning away with cheese happiness!).