10 July 2014

Summer has arrived at Snowdrop Cottage!

With building work continuing with our new kitchen build the only tranquility we have is in our lovely kitchen garden,  the one space I'm determined to keep tidy and build free!  The children have their sandpit in one half of the raised beds and can play happily whilst I weed away or simply enjoy a cheeky G&T in the shade of the grape vines. We're trying out a few different varieties this year and although our rainbow beetroot has been a bit of a failure, our early apricot hued flowers of our runner beans are already providing some meals on the table.


A good friend bought me this vegetable trug for my birthday last year so I couldn't wait to try it out!  We've sampled the runner beans in our salad tonight and my daughter who grew the beetroot will be sampling some of it roasted in a risotto for dinner tomorrow. The children love growing vegetables and the raspberries are eagerly put into hungry mouths - we've yet to try any of them!

We're trying to grow some squash and kale this summer and so far so good!  The slugs and other bitey vegetable lovers are staying at bay for now.  If any of you have suggestions how to keep the aphids at bay I'd love to hear them!  We try not to spray anything in the garden.

As you can see my rhubarb plant has excelled, one of our customers has put a request in for some rhubarb preserve which will soon be on the stall ready!  Keep your eyes peeled for an update!  Hope everyone out there is managing to enjoy their gardens too!