4 March 2015

It's National Pie Week

To celebrate we've introduced a new pie into our range which went down a storm at our market in Frome, drum roll please......'Italian venison meat ball'.  Of course to produce a mouth watering pie, you need the best ingredients.  We use only the finest organic flour from Shipton Mill near Tetbury, lovely free range eggs and each pie is individually and lovingly made by hand and adorned with various leaf patterns!

We use our own 'girls' eggs where possible
Once the school run is done and our girls are happily settled it's straight back home to start the days pie cooking.  The day will start with a strong cup of good coffee and Radio 4 turned up in the background.  The oven has already been heating up so it'll be nice and warm ready for the first batch of pies to go in.  My Mother (not an early riser) will arrive at about 10am by which time the first batch of pies will be out of the oven and the containers ready for washing up - thanks Mum!  It's a well oiled machine now at Snowdrop Cottage and cooking can generally be completed before it's time to pick the girls up from school at 3pm.

We're in the process of having a lovely new kitchen built at the moment and once completed we'll be running some pie making workshops for those that would like to have a go!  Keep an eye out for dates to be posted later Summer.