7 September 2015

An Indian Summer?

It's been very busy throughout the summer at Snowdrop Cottage.  Whilst the weather has been somewhat variable at times, today whilst I ate my breakfast the sun streamed through the windows whilst a low mist hung on the hills and an Autumnal nip was in the air - apparently we're set to have an Indian summer - hurrah!  The girls are now back at School and quiet descends on the house enabling lists to be made and chores to be caught up on.

At the start of the summer we welcomed some 'new girls' into our home, or perhaps more accurately into their home under the Quince tree at the bottom of the garden.

We have four 'Lowmans' - like the one above who has been named Sneaky for her persistent ability to escape constantly only to be found pulling the lettuces to pieces in the kitchen garden!  We also have a 'Cream Legbar' (Hermione) who will lay lovely blue eggs and another gorgeous girl whose breed we're not sure of, that will lay us green eggs (Pip). They've settled in really well and my youngest daughter loves nothing more than checking eagerly for any eggs laid whilst rewarding then for being so clever with very enthusiastic cuddles.

We're lucky to live in the heart of the countryside so we often take walks around the village and across the fields.  The girls love checking to see whether the damsons and blackberries are ripe enough to pick or throwing sticks into a nearby tree to release the ripe apples into eager mouths!

This is the view across the village and out towards the start of the Cotswolds hills

Such a gorgeous plant!  

Today though, a chance to breathe and catch breath before another hectic weekend ahead. Do take a look at our events page and come and say hello if you're nearby, we'd love to see you!