19 February 2015

Bristol Good Food Awards 2015 - VOTING OPEN!

It's that time of the year again folks when the voting starts for the 2015 Bristol Good Food Awards.  You, our customers have voted us into the finals for the last two years and we've been thrilled to win 'Best Preserve' for the last two years running.  It always humbles us that so many many of you love our preserves and continue to support us which makes everyone at Snowdrop Cottage very happy!!!!

We'd love to reach the finals again this year and qualify for three categories!!!!  If you enjoy any of the following you can vote in 'Best Local Producers' section ( click here) for our pies/ preserves or condiment - or maybe all three!!!

A big thank you for your continued support, we're only a little business and we intend to keep it that way. We like to know our customers and ensure our quality remains the highest it can possibly be so please vote!

7 February 2015

In search of Spring

Alas our kitchen at Snowdrop Cottage has become too small for us so recently we've been building an extension to house new equipment and provide gorgeous views of the Cotswold hills as we cook. With a husband's determined eye, thermals on and a level in his hand it was clearly time to exit the house with my eldest daughter and a lovely friend to seek out signs of Spring in our village!!!

Who wouldn't just melt seeing this gorgeous Snowdrop doing it's thing on a cold Saturday morning? They may be little, but take the time to get down close and you'll see this little bulb packs a punch.  Beautiful markings, snowy white petals and a good dose of cheer, a perfect antidote to Winters blues.

Or these cheery pinky flowers bursting forth from bare branches to say 'look at me, you know I'm gorgeous don't you?'.  It's easy to walk with your eyes turned down, but look up and the signs are there shouting Spring is on its way!

These dried seed heads looked spectacular waving their heads in the wind.  So, take some time over the next few weeks and see what wonders you can find.  The humble Snowdrops are forming carpets of glowing white, indicating the move from wintry darkness to light, to new beginnings.  But then, we're a little biased about Snowdrops aren't we?