My early years were spent growing up on a large family dairy farm in Gloucestershire. Days consisted of exploring the farm in my favorite Indian headdress t-shirt, shorts and a pair of well worn red wellies which I adored more than life itself! Memories of helping my Aunt get the cows in for evening milking, playing with a bucket of water in the milking parlour and collecting fresh eggs instilled in me the very earliest beginnings of a love of great food and fresh air. Little did I know my love affair with food would begin here and lead me into a whole new world of foody adventures.

I first had the idea for Snowdrop Cottage ten years ago whilst working as gardener at a local farmhouse. I had a passion for delicious, locally crafted foods produced using fresh quality ingredients and traditional methods however, I often struggled to find such things! Surrounded by fine quality fruits and vegetables I soon became inspired to start creating my own chutneys preserves and fresh pastries - Snowdrop Cottage Fine Foods was born.

The girls gorgeous hen house under the Quince tree

Caught roaming in the garden!

We now produce a range of award winning chutneys, preserves, freshly basked pastries and Christmas Puddings in small batches by hand using traditional methods and local ingredients where possible. At Snowdrop Cottage the hens roam freely and provide the eggs for the Christmas puddings whilst enjoying a gorgeous view of the Cotswold Hills.