31 August 2016

Glorious Cheese

Photo courtesey of orders.booths.co.uk
We're very excited to be introducing a couple of new cheeses to the stall at Whiteladies Road Market on Saturday.  The first is this wonderful Kit Calvert Wensleydale, a young cheese which is matured for only 13/14 weeks, but fresh and full of flavour.  You can read all about it in this wonderful article written by Victoria Moore here.  

Photo courtesy of cotswoldcheese.com
This is a Caerphilly like you've never tasted before!  Earthy and buttery and with three layers of deliciousness.  The grey rind is leafy, the middle part is fresh with citrus undertones and the layer next to the rind is yellow and creamy.  Another article written by Bee Wilson explains perfectly why we have chosen this cheese for our stall.  She happened upon it at Abergavenny Food Festival where our pies and pastries will be yet again this year.

We'd love to see you on Saturday, come and try our cheese and tell us what you think!