8 January 2015

Recipe: Snowdrop Cottage Seville Orange Marmalade

As promised here is our Snowdrop Cottage marmalade recipe.  I use fairly large quantities as there seems little point in only making a few jars!  The quantities stated will work well in a Maslin sized pan without causing any problems bubbling over. Roughly speaking 3kgs of Seville oranges will provide about 18 jars (340g).

3kgs Seville oranges
4 Lemons
9 Pints water
5kg Sugar

1.  Wash the oranges and lemons. Peel the skin and then slice into fine shreds and add to your pan.
2.  Cut the oranges and lemons in half and  squeeze the juice from them retaining the pips to one side.
3.  Add the juice to the pan.
4.  Add the water to the pan.
5. Tie the pips in a bag of muslin and add to the water and shredded fruit skin.
6. Simmer until the skin has become soft and the liquid reduced by about half.
7.  Stir the sugar in and allow it to dissolve completely over a low heat.  If you rush this stage and fail to dissolve the sugar properly crystals will form in your finished marmalade.
8. Once fully dissolved bring your marmalade up to a rolling boil.
9. Once setting point has been reached allow the marmalade to cool slightly before pouring into sterilised jars.