8 January 2015

For the love of Marmalade.... said Paddington

Freshly made Seville Orange marmalade

Marmalade has been with us for quite some time, some say since 1700 when a badly damaged Spanish ship with a cargo of oranges found safety in Dundee harbour.  The cargo was sold cheaply to a down on his luck Merchant and his wife then made marmalade.  Perhaps it's this Merchant that then found his way to deepest darkest Peru and introduced Paddington's Aunt Lucy to it!

To withstand the tangy, bitter and somewhat bracing marmalade known as Seville you're probably a child reared before the 'naughties'.  Home made Seville orange marmalade was often on our breakfast table whilst we were growing up, a long with a tea pot and a  lot of chatter with my siblings!  These days it seems our breakfast tables are more likely to be adorned with mass produced cereals and and sweet tasting long life bread.  More and more of us are forgoing the rituals of breakfast and instead opting for a coffee picked up on the go instead.

Let's bring back the humble Seville orange marmalade!!  With a little patience and time you can make this liquid amber gold and proudly display it on your breakfast table with a huge smirk of satisfaction on your face!  A word of warning though!  Do not even try to attempt to make this marmalade unless you are child and partner free for the day.  You have a radio to listen to and plenty of time, you're in it for the long haul!

If you'd like to have a go at making some Seville orange marmalade I'll post my recipe shortly.  However, for those who just fancy trying a jar, come and see us at one of our markets and try some we cooked up this week (click here). Happy Marmalade making!!!