20 May 2014

Pretty Nostalgic photoshoot at Oldbury on Severn Community Shop

We were thrilled to be asked a long to a photoshoot hosted by Pretty Nostalgic magazine at Oldbury Community shop earlier this month.  Although we had a seriously busy weekend ahead I really couldn't resist going along and sharing in the buzz and excitement which radiated from everyone who was involved.

I love photography so I was determined to hang around and try and pick up a few tips!

It's often the small detail which really counts, seeing these mugs with steaming coffee and tea really made me smile!  What a lovely touch which I'm sure helped Sarah write an amazing article for the magazine!

Here are our lovely preserves on the shelves and ready to go, our Oldbury on Severn customers have I hear really been enjoying the Grapefruit and ginger marmalade, don't worry - we have more prepped and ready to go!

I think this could be one of the pics ready for the magazine, doesn't it all look gorgeous!

Do keep an eye out for the latest issues with pictures from Oldbury and of course of lovely offerings.  I'll be waiting with bated breath for my copy to fall on the doormat.   A big thank you to all those at Oldbury Shop for letting me come and share in the fun, it was a fantastic morning!